assamese keyboard for windows 10

Assamese keyboard for windows 10/8/7: How to type in Assamese

Today I was searching for how to type Assamese on a computer on Google but didn’t find any hopeful answer on the internet. Most of the results are of paid software. So I have decided to write this article and help those people who are looking for the answer “Assamese keyboard for windows 10/8/7” and “How to type Assamese in a computer?“.

Assamese keyboard for windows 10/8/7: How to type Assamese in computer :

In this article, I am going to share with you the process that I follow to write Assamese in MS Office and Photoshop. Believe me, I don’t use any software to type Assamese in my PC. I am going to share everything in this article. So just follow the steps written below help those you will be able to type Assamese in your computer without the help of any third party software.

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Step 1: Go to “Control Panel” and click on “Add a language” option as shown in the image below.

Assamese keyboard for windows 10

Step 2: Now you will see the language keyboards those are already installed on your computer. As you can see here I have already installed English and Hindi Keyboards on my computer. This time we are going to install Assamese keyboard so click on the “Add a language” option again available at the top.

Assamese keyboard for windows 10

Step 3: Now you will see many languages including Assamese in the language name section. Click on the language that you want. Here we will click on “Assamese” as we want to type Assamese in our computer and then click on “Add” button.

Assamese keyboard for windows 7

Step 4: So you have successfully installed Assamese keyboard on your computer. Now go to your taskbar, you will see a language option “ENG” by default. Click on it and then select “Assamese” as shown in this image below.

Assamese keyboard for windows 10

Step 5: Now right click on your taskbar, you will see an option “Show touch keyboard button” click on it. A keyboard icon will be visible on your taskbar now. Click on that keyboard icon to start typing in the Assamese language on your computer.

assamese keyboard for windows 8

Step 6: Now type anything that you want in your native Assamese language without using any software.

Assamese keyboard for windows 10

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Those are the steps that I follow to type Assamese on my computer. Hope you have found this article helpful. Comment below if you have any doubts, also share this article with your friends and let them know that we can type Assamese easily on our computer without using any third party software.

How to type Assamese in Photoshop:

People often ask me this question “how to type Assamese in Photoshop?”. Follow the steps that I have written above and then go to Edit>Preference>Type and then change the text engine option to “Middle Eastern and South Asian” in Photoshop. Now you can easily type Assamese in Photoshop also.

How to type Assamese on Facebook: 

It is very simple to type Assamese on Facebook. Just follow the six steps mentioned above and you can easily type Assamese on Facebook.

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